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Teacher Homework Assignment – View a Tanner Fox YouTube Video

My first Teacher Homework Assignment (THA) was to watch one video created by popular YouTube star, Tanner Fox.  The video I viewed is embedded below, and my reflection of THA1 follows.

After viewing Tanner Fox’s Vlog, there were a couple of thoughts that came to mind in regards to teaching and learning:

  • Students are drawn to people they can relate to and connect with.  Tanner Fox seems like a pretty likable dude.  He talked very naturally and with great energy (much like the student who gave me this assignment), and seemed to be speaking directly to a group of friends (which in this case are his 4,000,000+ followers).
  • Vlogging is cool, and I personally believe it has the power to change how teachers communicate with students and parents.  My own personal ideas are to Vlog a short version of a lesson that students can view repeatedly until they feel confident with a new skill.  Vlogging can also be used to update parents on happenings within any given classroom.  Typed newsletters have their place, but I do think Vlogging can serve as a positive supplement.
  • Storytelling is a power tool for connection, always has been a powerful took for connection, and will likely always continue to be a powerful tool for connection.  Stories around a campfire may have a special place in the childhood years of a person, but I do believe storytelling through Vlogs will continue to have a powerful stake in the lives of today’s youth.  It’s simple, accessible, and interactive.

That’s it for me tonight.  My next assignment scares me a little, and I will be taking the weekend to complete it.  My second Teacher Homework Assignment is to video tape myself lip-syncing a song of my choice using the social media application,

This could get ugly…


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